Aaron Cepek

I create responsive, compelling, & stylish websites.

Web Developer

Full stack freelance web developer.
Responsive Websites
Web design that looks sharp on desktop, tablet, & mobile devices. Branding services to boot.
To WordPress or Not to WordPress?
WordPress sites rock for easily managing your site. Single-page websites are great for focused marketing. Use the right tool for the job.
Modern Web Technologies
I love PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, & many other acronyms that power the modern web.
Animation & Interaction
Moving experiences. Increased retention and conversion. I also make —videogames for fun.

Recent Projects

portfolio of web development work
website screenshot Scan Artists Sharp looking single-page business marketing site.
Branding, design and web development.
website screenshot City Cakes & Cafe “Sweet but not too sweet.” Designed & WordPressed. website screenshot Copper Rose Films Indie Filmmaker video portfolio. Designed & developed. website screenshot One World Refreshed by design this single-page website. website screenshot White Glacier Responsive, animated, & ice cold landing page. built w/ adhere website screenshot Sant Foundation Responsive WP site — ACF like mad. built w/ uptrending website screenshot Oracle: Internet of Things A fun interactive presentation optimized for legacy-browsers to touch devices. built @ uptrending

I'm a remote web development professional with for over 3072 days 21 hours 27 minutes experience (give or take). I work on the full-stack of website development. discovery → design → development I support companies of all sizes with custom crafted web goodness. I can probably help you.

Freelancing since 2014. Before that I worked for a Silicon Valley based web design agency.

As a freelance web developer I create websites & web apps. That’s ui design, php programming, & jQuery animation. I can CSS with the best of ‘em. I love working on small hand-crafted sites most of all, but I’ve launched mission critical updates for corporations as well. I'm a lone wolf but I also run well with the pack.

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About Me

Laid-back overclocked technophile.
handsome gentleman
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I enjoy running, curry, unordered lists, classic videogames, learning, & most of all being a dad.